Weirdos From Another Planet

by Star Persons

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Suge was an unforgivable place. The journey was one they'd soon not forget. The vortex of dreams, as they called it, changed their spaced out paths forever. When they had finally emerged from their final dream, they realized they had no way of getting back home. They found themselves trapped in the Elemental Palins of Suge.

Suge was a judgemental planet, full of creatures who could only think on one certain level. It had a way of sucking you in so to speak and making you believe that there was only one way to do things. The creatures on this planet no longer believed that they controlled their own reality but the oppisite in fact.

Mic Douglas in particular had a problem with this way of thinking. Mic Douglas believed that if you atleast attempted thinking on the second level it would be possible to lead to further levels of thought. Deken often found himself deep in conversation with Mic about many of the troubling ideals affecting this place.

It was decided long before our heroes stepped foot on these alien grounds that they would have to wage war to return home. They found themselves all alone and surrounded once again by clones. They were lost but far from gone.

They were now known as Weirdos from another planet.....


released March 30, 2011

Tracks 1,2,4,5,& 6 Produced by Man Mantis
Tracks 3,7,8,10,11,12,& 13 Produced by J Koolaid

Tracks 1-8 & 10 Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Man Mantis at the Haunted Closet
Tracks 11,12,& 13 Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Joey Villa for RemedyBornMuzik

Tracks 3 5-8, & 11-13 written and performed by Star Persons
Track 1 written and performed by Star Persons & Iceman
Track 2 written by Star Persons and performed by Star Persons & Katie Scullin
Track 4 written by Star Persons and Dudu Stinks
Track 9 written by Matt Bellamy and Star Persons & performed by Muse & Star Persons



all rights reserved


Star Persons Madison, Wisconsin

"Life is serious, music is an escape. We are escape artists."

-Star Persons
Star Persons is a Madison-based six person, fully electronic, live band. Their music will be sure to make your head nod & your body move. It’s just a matter of time before this intergalactic sound infects your hard drive, eardrum, & subconscious....

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