Treat Yourself Tuesday​!​!​!

by Star Persons

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This "album" is simply a collection of songs that we have been putting out on a regular basis.

For the first 34 weeks we released a free song every week.

After we amassed 13 songs, we compiled them into the "Weirdos From Another Planet" album. Then when we got 15 more, we released the "Esc Artists" album, both available on our Bandcamp site (see column on the right).

Now we're in the process of putting together our first major release out of the best of the "Treats" and the songs on the unreleased "Just Visiting" album (some of these songs are on the "Supernova EP", some are in this "Treat Yourself" album, and a few won't be unveiled until "Just Visiting" is released).

When completed, the "best of" album will get professionally mastered and be pushed with a national college radio campaign.

Go ahead, Treat Yourself!


released December 21, 2010



all rights reserved


Star Persons Madison, Wisconsin

"Life is serious, music is an escape. We are escape artists."

-Star Persons
Star Persons is a Madison-based six person, fully electronic, live band. Their music will be sure to make your head nod & your body move. It’s just a matter of time before this intergalactic sound infects your hard drive, eardrum, & subconscious....

Don't resist: Treat Yourself!!
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Track Name: e.e. cummings
Nah I sit by the phone....
and I sit here alone and I beg
and I cry but you’re already gone.

Girl you left me for good
And I know that I should
Understand I’m a me nobody could.

Calm a midst the storm layers of black until the dawn
Light Dust Phosphorus Trust is far from us Lust is part us must it be this way until the day the Lie Machine Rusts.

You gotta x 3 let it gooooooooooo

Before ya x 3 lose control

We had it for a moment, now it feels like we just floatin.
Need a raft or a magic potion.
Last chance for the towel is thrown in.
Slow motion, replays in my mind of a time when was so open.
Now we just caught up in the motion.
No trust, no love, no devotion.
Everyday we face, our association is breaking...wait now it's broken.
Can escape the past, get away from our fate but we can't just keep on coastin'.
Wait for the next explosion... now you just my ex girlfriend. My flaws are micro-scopin' just to make ya less important.

Nah I sit by the phone....
and I sit here alone and I beg
and I cry but you’re already gone.

Girl you left me for good
And I know that I should
Understand I’m a me nobody could.

You gotta x 3 let it goooooooooooo

Before ya x 3 lose control

Love is needless.
You get both hands dirty feed this.
You gotta keep both eyes open to read this.
Heed this, squeeze it, please it’s Jesus torn to pieces just like Reese’s
Holy shit like Jesus feces Love is God until it ceases to fix your plate
or cure diseases Love is Hell when it increases yearly calls to y’alls police’s
infested halls that crawl with meeces attracted too the finest pieces laced with blue and pungent cheeses I tell it too no one believes this I think I’m dead then fall to pieces a desperate grip the love releases

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus
Track Name: Treat Yourself
I explode like Bubble Yum Bazooka Joe
Then flip shapes like Tetris sun
I transform like Decepticon
One with the force like Obi Wan
Shit get back y'all uh...don't get none
Leggo my Eggo paduwan
Just like that
Mushmouth Albert call me phat
Yeah I'm black
Blow off ya thumb like Thundercats
Deken Frost with the sword of omens
Mic Douglas got the sword of power
Fruit by the foot these hoes devour
First it's sweet and then it's sour
Rolland sling guns Darkest Tower
Then back to the future in an hour

We are
The persons from the stars
our voices carry far
we can't be catalogued
ain't got no data on
we won't be here for long
let us play you a song
let us play you a song
let us play you a song

See the Mantis he prayin like Tebow
'cept we replaced that a with an e though
time to stroke my ego
Who you know doper than Deke and Mic D though?
Dope as S P though?
forget about it
we step on the scene like Deniro
play the hero
cross between Bruce Willis and Jet Li
F-Zero jet speed
treat yourself
Track Name: Well begun is half done
We make music cause we love it.
We don’t put nothing above it.
In your face oh yes we rub it.
And we don’t think nothing of it.

Agent Smith is on the drums
Memory’s on the two’s and one’s
J kool aid be gettin some
And A key z having fun.

Dr. Oz might rock guitar
MPC Man Mantis Star
Persons Fuck it Yeah we Are
Mic and Deke the best by far

Fuck it go tell everybody
Cocky Douche Bags think they Gotti
Stuck up bitches ackin snotty
That we still gon’ crash the party

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrosicous!
If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious,
Say it and wild animals would not seem so ferocious!

Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ya
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ya
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ya
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ya
Track Name: Monkey Business
In this Jungle I'm your brother....
Sleep in the trees where we take cover
In the sunshine we keep searching knowing one day they'll close curtain
But I'm for certain you ain't alive if you ain't hurtin.
And I feel it....We trapped til night until we killed it.
We ate till dawn the Blood spilled it.
Outta the bones we made tools we don't wear jewels but we ain't fools.
We don't have God but we got rules.
And there's life... it's all around us.
It surounds us.....They came one night and then they found us.
Little creatures with big gifts with one spliff they Filled our brains with a bunch of ifs

Oh I think I get it now
And it all fits somehow
2 hits uplift float on a current to another cloud
Before I was a child
and now I'm comin round
understandin that the plan is all above us now
and so we trust the sound
we float above the ground
fear hate love lust
an atmospheric crown
we see the spirits now
they share the secrets found
deep in different reaches of the universe to teach us how

When they left we got smart a brain and conscience call it a heart.
I said I'm sorry are you alright look here Mic man lets not fight.
We can't win if one us loses if one of us chooses to take crown and walk alone
then wake up gone with the precious stone we bemoan all the light
twas nil diff tween Black and White Out of mind is out of sight/ mine was bland fine with land
Now Erect and we are man. We lose two hands on feet we stand
The new was brand the brand was new the light was true crytstal clear inside of you.

You ain't gotta make ya mind up
there'll neva be a time when ya time's up
Look up in the sky that's just time up
The lines in the graph coassigned to the path
on the train ride it's plain ya gotta stay up on the tracks
Make 'em laugh make 'em cry
make 'em feel like they alive
nevermind it's all a lie ancestors have arrived
carry on the paragon form a bond with them that's strong
How did we carry on this long
standin watchin as they launch
then they gone...

Dive right in baby
Let's take a swim baby
Make me feel like I know everything there is baby
Dive right in baby
Let's take a swim baby
Make me never wanna see you leave again baby


They came back
we don't know why
They came back
down from the sky
They came back
we still alive
They came back
to get us high


Everything used to be so simple
nobody really gave a fuck
None of us even knew the difference
adjust to the flux when shit got rough
Spent the whole god damn day playin
cuz monkey business was the stuff
A poker face is best when prayin
a hand to God to call your bluff

Here we go Uplift
feel ya brain Submit
Zero Element
gravity get sucked in

They came back...(cont.)

Everything used to be so simple...(cont.)

They came back...(cont.)

Dive right in baby...(cont.)
Track Name: Second from the Sun feat. Aryll
I am the Zephyr of love. Get blown away by my heart.
A tidal wave from my soul. A Titan like work of art.
Beyond the pits of despair. I give you all that I am.
I burn the stars in the sky. Who says I don’t give a damn?

I want somebody who loves me to kiss me to hug me to tell me that I am the one and only. I’ll never be lonely. You’ll always be by my side and never leave me again.
Track Name: Fringe Character feat. Deken Frost - Foreign Locale
I've been here for 1.5 million years I keep walking I explode I am young I got everywhere to go.

You can't find me if you're looking.

You gotta close your eyes and soar.

Terrorist or Pterodactyl

I drop bombs and Pterosaur

What's a floor? When you're dancing on the ceiling. What a feelin!

Lionel Richie...Your fucking daughter is so Bitchy.

She's a mother, I forgive her now I love her.

Please discover don't discourage

In the forest or the desert eating dessert sharing porridge with Patridge smoking indo

8 bit cartridge like nintendo. Are you staring out a window? Does the wind blow? Can you feel it?

Can you tape it, Reel to Reel it? Set it free so they can't steal it.

Apple Pie or Apple Peel it in reverse and then reveal it.

To the masses not the ones attending classes, Not the the smart girl wearin glasses.

but to the weird kid passing gasses. He's molasses so he lashes out and stashes til the time

comes and he cashes all his chips.....Fleeting moments mentally like sailing ships.